On this page visitors will find posted copies of previous presentations, handouts, reports, and other materials shared during BCA-NCC events. These materials are made available for event participants only and require a password to be accessed.

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National Capital Chapter Presentations

Electrical Commissioning: Arc Flash Safety Training  - November 21, 2013

On November 21, 2013, National Capital Chapter member Mike Luffred presented this information as a technical seminar for the National Capital Chapter region  (PA/NJ/DE/VA/MD/DC).   Mike presented these slides at the Eaton Experience Center in Warrendale, PA to help Commissioning engineers understand the importance of Arc Flash safety in our industry.

Envelope Commissioning: June 2013

In June 2013, National Capital Chapter member John Runkle presented this information as a technical seminar for the National Capital Chapter region  (PA/NJ/DE/VA/MD/DC).   John presented these slides at Architectural Testing's location in York, PA in addition to providing an interactive tour of the facility.

Building Commissioning: Commissioning Process Overview  - August 12, 2011

On August 12, 2011, National Capital Chapter member Mike Bilecky presented this information as a technical seminar for the Region III - Chapters Regional Conference of ASHRAE  (Mid-Atlantic: PA/NJ/DE/VA/MD/DC).   Mike presented these slides to ASHRAE engineers with his expert commentary on specifying and delivering a valuable process in today's industry.

Commissioning Owner's Forum Event Presentations  - November 11, 2009

On November 6, 2009, The National Capital Chapter presented a Commissioning Owner’s Forum hosted at George Mason University’s Johnson Center. A single download of the four presentations from the event is available by clicking here. This file may take several minutes to download.

The following is a description of each of the four presentations:

Cx 101

The Building Commissioning overview program is a comprehensive review of the phases and tasks of the building commissioning process.  From pre-design through to occupancy including the many commissioning process tasks involved in each phase.  Commissioning is not just testing at the end of the project; it is a process.  The program includes commissioning documentation and what should be provided to the owner.   Each phase and tasks will discussed and include samples of what should be included.   Tasks such as the OPR, Checklists, Testing Procedures, Training and Warranty review to name a few will  be discussed.  The program will include the benefits of commissioning why it is needed today.   At the end, you should expect to have a complete understanding of the Building Commissioning Process.


In this Commissioning for LEED Presentation, the following information will be addressed: Commissioning Scope, a Comparison of LEED Products - will present the commissioning scope of work required by the applicable prerequisites and credits of the current LEED certification categories of New Construction, Existing Building, Commercial Interiors and Commercial Core and Shell.  The submission requirements for each category will also be discussed.

EBCx Best Practices

This presentation will inform facility owners as to the role of the Building Commissioning Association and encourage them to join the National Capital Chapter.  Attendees will learn the purpose, process and results of implementing "Best Practices" in the commissioning of existing buildings.  Additionally, they will learn of local utility incentives which will facilitate implementation of these commissioning effort for their facilities.  Much of the language related to the NCC Chapter has been enhanced and taken directly from the NCC Chapter website

Also included in the slides is some information about the Pepco and Dominion programs which are utilities in this region which these owners are likely to be familiar with.

BCA/NCC Nat'l Constitution Center Event | Building Commissioning Presentations - July 30, 2009

On Thursday, July 30 the BCA/NCC held an event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The event featured four informative presentations by highly respected members of the building commissioning profession. The first presentation was by Tony DiLeonardo, LEED AP, CxA of Wick Fisher White and focused on providing an overview of the commissioning process from start to finish as well as demonstrating some of the benefits and costs. The second presentation was provided by Gretchen Coleman, PE, CCP of GCCxG, LLP and offered a deeper look at the various LEED certification programs and the role of the commissioning process in each product. The third presenter was Saverio Grosso, CEM, CBCP, of Dome-Tech, Inc. who presented on best practices in existing building commissioning. Lastly, Kenneth Hahn, CxA of RMF Engineering provided a presentation on data logging and space validation by independent means.

Click here to open presentation. This file may take several minutes to download.






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