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Meeting and Summit Presentations Page



NEC Cx Summit 2017 - Millennium Hotel, Cheektowaga, NY

NGRID Utility Program Click Here to view the presentation

Martin Hudi - Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency, NGrid  716 831-7755  martin.hudi@nationalgrid.com  

N.Y.P.A. Utility Program Click Here to view the presentation

Casey Mastro - Energy Manager, CNY Business Development  716 475-3226  casey.mastro@nypa.gov  

Energy Concerns in Post Construction Click Here to view the presentation

Mike Tillou - Associate Director, Atelier 10  212 254-4500

A New Sustainable Framework for Building Controls Click Here to view the presentation

David Weaver - Executive, Control Technologies  802 734-6986  dweaver@controltechinc.com

Persistence of High Performance Following Cx Click Here to view the presentation

Matthew Holden, P.E. - President, Sparhawk Group  207 847-6800  mholden@sparhawkgroup.com  


NEC 1/26/17 Annual Meeting, Springfield, MA

Annual meeting presentation   Click Here to view the pdf presentation

Mike Eardley, PE, LEED AP, CCP - Regional Director, Sparhawk Group


NEC Cx Summit 2016 - N.J.I.T., Newark, NJ

Utility Program Updates By Alex Lamparski, Eversource - www.eversource.com

Click Here for the pdf file of the presentation

    Challenges of Envelope Cx By Jon Haehnel, Zero by Degrees - www.zerobydegrees.com

Click Here for the pdf file of the presentation

    IECC Code Update By Eric Makela, Cadmus - www.cadmusgroup.com

Click Here for the pdf file of the presentation

    WELL Building Standard By Nathan Stodola, WELL Institute - www.wellcertified.com

Click Here for the pdf file of the presentation

    Living Building Challenge By Scott Kelly, Re:Vision Architecture  - www.revisionarch.com


NEC Cx Summit 2013 - Keene College, NH

Strategies for a Meaningful Design Review

By Thomas Anderson, CCP - Cx Associates

NEC Cx Summit 2013 - Keene College, NH

Ventilation and Moisture Management Performance of HVAC Systems

By David W. Bearg, PE - Life Energy Associates


NEBFM - 2012 - Boston, MA

Commissioning High Performance Buildings

By Mike Eardley, PE, LEED AP - Cannon Design and Anand Seth, PE, CEM - Commissioning Principal

Commissioning for Success

By John Penney, PE, CBCP. CEM - John F. Penney Consulting Services, PC


NEC RCx Summit 2012 - Malta, NY

Interrelationships between Energy, Asset Care and Reliability

By Steven P. Driver, PhD, Genzyme - a Sanofi Company

Health Care Retro-Commissioning

By John Villani, PE, CEM, LEED AP, QCxP, Grumman/Butkus Associates

Local Law 87 and the Greater Greens Buildings Plan - NYC Building Efficiency Legislation

By Mike Rivito, Energy Resource Solutions, Inc.


NEC 1/12/12 Annual Meeting, Springfield, MA

CCP Certification; The Process and the State of Certification in the Cx Industry

By Michael Eardley, PE, LEED AP, Cannon Design


NEC RCx Summit 2010 - Newark, NJ

                           RCx An Rx for Energy Savings in the Pharmaceutical Industry - By Thomas A. Pagliuco, MERCK Global Services

                           Supermarket Commissioning - By Scott Moore, PECI

                           Existing Building Cx As Part Of An Energy Conservation Plan - By Bill Broadhurst, PE, CEM, LEED AP, Princeton University

                           Retro Commissioning in Connecticut - By David W. McIntosh, CEM, ECBP, Connecticut Light & Power
                           Successful Exterior Enclosure Commissioning - By H. Jay Enck, Principal, Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc.

                 NEBFM Conference 2009

                            Owner's Project requirements Presentation by John Penney, PE, CBCP, CEM

                 NEC Annual Meeting Agenda of 10/2/07

                            President's Chapter update

NEC Annual Meeting Agenda of 9/21/06

                            President's Chapter update

                            BCA National Initiatives by Tom Anderson

                            How to sell Cx - Six Questions by Ron Wilkinson

                            Brainstorming with Victor Goldschmidt

         NEC RCx Summit Agenda of 2/16/06                  

                            The Business case for RCx                            Article by Jennifer Chiodo on RCx Summit

                            Training and on-line resources list                 Mining for Gold - Trend Logging

                            The NYSERDA RCx Initiative                          A history of NYSERDA

                            Firms Attending the Summit

         NERC Inaugural Meeting of 11/2/05

                             LEED 2.2 Presentation by Joe Higgins         ASHRAE Cx History, by Ron Wilkinson, PE

                             ASHRAE Guideline 0, by Tom Anderson, CCP

                             CT Convention Center Construction,  by Ernest Lawas


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